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The Christian Response to Abortion

An Unapologetically Biblical Approach to Abolishing Preborn Homicide.

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The Devastating Toll of Abortion: The Staggering Statistics of Preborn Homicide in America Since the Inception of Roe v. Wade.


Preborn Homicides


Avg. Abortions per Year


Avg. Murdered Babies per Minute

Discover the Biblical Approach to Ending Abortion God's Way.

This book is dedicated to the generations, nations, and ultimately the millions of preborn babies murdered under our watch.

"On an issue as big as the mass murdering of preborn children, it is easy for the Christian, without biblical direction, to become apathetic. That is a plague more dangerous than any nuclear weapon to humanity. A Christian who is apathetic to the well-being of their preborn neighbor leads to the mass execution of that preborn neighbor, and in our country apathy runs deep with a 63,000,000+ baby body count since the inception of Roe V. Wade. We must not allow ourselves to be lulled to sleep by the cowardice disguised as compassion that perverts God's righteous standard of justice. Christians must know God's righteous standard of justice and let it direct our actions in this fight to abolish abortion in our country and around the globe.

Do not be paralyzed into inaction by an overanalysis of the size of the task. This book is for everyone from the seasoned advocate to those just getting involved in this fight. Let us fight this war of ending abortion God's way."

For God's glory,

Mike Harding

Table of Contents

Chapter and Page Outline

1. By What Standard Will We Fight?
2. We Have Been Duped!
3. Still Unconvinced?
4. No, She is Not a Victim
5. A Message for the Murderer
6. Getting Our Definitions Straight on Abortion
7. Preborn Babies Are Full Image Bearersof God From...
8. Defining the Biblical Response
9. We Stand With a Great Cloud of Witnesses
10. What About Exceptions for the Life of the Mother?
11. Where the Rubber Meets the Road
12. A Letter to the Christian Legislator
13. Conclusion
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In the midst of a multitude of voices giving counsel on the issue of abortion, Michael Harding in The Christian Response to Abortion redirects the Church and the legislator to the supreme and foundational counsel: the word of God.

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Harding makes a passionate plea for the Church and the legislator to harken unto the voice of God, while formulating a response to the contemporary holocaust of abortion. In doing so, Harding sets forth God’s immutable standards of equal justice and impartiality as the banner under which Church and legislator must march, and impressively demonstrates that this has indeed been the case for the Historic Church until the last century. With this work, and the array of resources included in it, readers will feel thoroughly equipped, challenged, and impassioned to love their preborn neighbors to a greater degree of faithfulness.

Nick Kallis

Executive Director, End Abortion Ohio

The Christian Response to Abortion” presents a full-proof biblical case for abolishing abortion. From beginning to end, Michael addresses every question one could have regarding abortion and how we should go about defeating it.

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By the end, all excuses to compromise on this issue have been removed. He truly challenges the reader to view this issue strictly from the lens of scripture. Abortion is the modern day holocaust that our nation must repent of and this book helps move us closer to that happening. This is a book that needs to be placed in the hands of every Pastor in America!

Lizzie Marbach

Conservative Activist

With a pastors heart Mike Harding reminds the church that the blood of little Abel's and Abeline's still cry out. He has put together a faithful, gracious and reasoned response to the issue of abortion.

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In one generation the response to abortion went from "it should be rare," to "it's our right." To "Abortion should be safe, legal and rare," to "just do it." This kind of sneaker brand ideology has deceived many and distorted the Christian response. As a result, Christians have forsaken the responsibility to be their pre-born brother's keeper. In the midst of wicked generation our response must be rooted in biblical truth rather than political affiliation, family preservation or even personal preference. The routine killing of little boys and girls in the womb has sadly become common and as normal as a check-up. It has been used as a political bargaining chip at the table of justice. This book defines the justice that must be proclaimed and served for all our pre-born neighbors. The only acceptable response is love. Love that will respond in rescuing the millions of neighbors being led to the slaughter. As a pastor I look forward to using this book to help those under my care not only think through the issue of abortion but respond with Christ-like faithfulness. May God be pleased to use this timely and welcomed resource to prepare a generation and save generations to come.

Mark Hamilton

Pastor, Faithful Stones Church

This book is a timely, convicting, biblical, Christ saturated and thorough treatment on this terrible and tragic but, sad to say, culturally-accepted practice in our day. It should be helpful to Christians and non-Christians alike to refine their thinking in seeing the horrors of abortion, a subject on which God is not silent.

Donald Reisinger

Michael seeks to persuade readers with a gentle, yet powerfully compelling argument that is captive to the Word o God, which is refreshing in our contemporary debates over abortion.

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I urge every Christian to approach this book with a teachable posture. Consider Michael's handling of God's authoritative, eternal Word. Listen with an ear open to God's instruction and I am confident you will hold to the convictions of his conclusion.

Andrew Hancock

Pastor, Allison Avenue Baptist Church Hamilton, Ohio

About the Author

Michael Harding

Michael Harding, also known as Mike, is an unashamed follower of Jesus Christ. He is husband to Emily, and father to Joanna, Hannah, and Sam, whose time on earth in Mommy’s belly was short but cherished. Mike has previously published one other book titled “35 Days in Paul’s Letter to The Philippian Church.” Mike is a 2009-2010 Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran who served 9 years in the Army National Guard. He writes with passion and commitment to see the practice of the slaughtering of preborn image bearers of God abolished once and for all.


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